Lets face it.

Advertisements are everywhere. We think it's time you get rewarded for looking at them!
Bounty Cat rewards you with Bounty tokens for sharing and engaging with our unique promotional advertisements.

Bounty tokens are a crypto token with a real, monetary value that can be exchanged for promoter offered rewards, ICX or fiat stable-coins. Additional options will be added too!

ICX is the ICON network's native crypto token which carries a real monetary value and is used to interact with the network.
Bounty Tokens are built on and powered by the ICON blockchain network and benefit from ICON's speed, security and immutability.

Don't worry though, you don't have to be a crypto expert to use Bounty Cat and earn rewards!

The Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters are simply Bounty Cat users like you who are doing things you probably do everyday like viewing advertisements, buying products or visiting websites, except that Bounty Hunters get rewarded for doing these through the Bounty Cat platform.
Bounty Cat is designed to make earning rewards as easy, intuitive and accessible as possible.

We're working tirelessly to integrate useful and powerful technologies that take the complexity out of earning crypto based rewards and turning them into real value for you.
The Bounty Marketplace will make finding Bounties and Rewards and earning Bounty Tokens as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Register for your Bounty Hunter account using an email and phone number. We'll sort out the other details for you behind the scenes.
Browse the available bounty promotions and find one (or more) you want to participate in.
Complete the requirements for the promotion and your wallet will immediately be credited with Bounty Tokens!
Spend your tokens in the reward marketplace on awesome deals and offers, or convert your earned tokens into ICX or fiat stable coins!

We'll handle all of the complex crypto stuff for you, if you like. But if not, Bounty Cat will allow Bounty Hunters to easily use their own ICON blockchain addresses too.
Promoters purchase Bounty tokens through the Promoter dashboard and use them to launch their customized Bounty promotions.
Promoters may also create Reward promotions allowing them to earn Bounty tokens by offering additional bonuses to Bounty Hunters such as discounts, free products or services, or more.
Promotions and Rewards are displayed on the Bounty Cat Marketplace where Bounty Hunters can search and browse what is available. Eventually Bounty Hunters will have access to a mobile app and browser extensions too!
Once a Bounty Hunter has completed the requirements of the Bounty promotion such as, visiting a website, watching a video or purchasing a product, they are immediately compensated with the Bounty tokens which are deposited to their account.
Bounty Hunters can use their Bounty Tokens to purchase rewards from promoters or they can exchange their Bounty tokens for ICX, The ICON Network's native crypto token or fiat stable-coin currencies. Additional conversions will be continously added.
All Bounty token purchases, transactions and transfers are completed and logged using ICON's blockchain network in a secure, highly distributed and transparent fashion.
Promoters enjoy greater levels of customer engagement and satisfaction knowing their marketing budgets are delivering the greatest impact!
Want to know more?
Check the deets in our whitepaper!


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