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Bounty Cat's unique marketing approach drives customers to your products, services and brand through our powerful, incentivized Bounty Promotions. Bounty Promotions reward users with BOUNTY Tokens when they share or engage with your promotions and complete simple, digitally verifiable, actions. Bounty tokens are a crypto token powered by the ICON blockchain network and have a real monetary value.

Did you know?


Of consumers wish to be compensated or rewarded for actions like watching a brand video or taking a survey. Discounts and offers are the leading preferred incentive.
Using Bounty Cat's customizeable and incentivized Bounty promotions, you can encourage more customers to interact with your brand by rewarding them for their engagement.

Increase customer conversion and satisfaction with Bounty Cat's Reward promotions too, where promoters can offer additional products, services or discounts in exchange for Bounty tokens!

Did You Know?

The adveritsement industry loses billions of dollars every year to digital fraud? Some estimates suggest the figure may reach as high as $84 Billion by 2022!

Blockchain as a Solution

By marrying digital advertising to the transparency and security of distributed and immutable blockchain technologies, Bounty Cat effectively eliminates the value proposition of most types of digital advertising fraud.

Every Bounty Hunter must register with Bounty Cat to participate in promotions and collect bounties. Every promotion, redemption and token transfer is logged on the ICON blockchain and can be reviewed any time.

This process helps ensure that every engagement with Bounty Cat's promotions and advertisements is from a real person with a voluntary interest in engaging with your product, service or brand.

Our Approach

Promoters purchase Bounty tokens through the Promoter dashboard and use them to launch their customized Bounty promotions.
Promoters may also create Reward promotions allowing them to earn Bounty tokens by offering additional bonuses to Bounty Hunters such as discounts, free products or services, or more.
Promotions and Rewards are displayed on the Bounty Cat Marketplace where Bounty Hunters can search and browse what is available. Eventually Bounty Hunters will have access to a mobile app and browser extensions too!
Once a Bounty Hunter has completed the requirements of the Bounty promotion such as, visiting a website, watching a video or purchasing a product, they are immediately compensated with the Bounty tokens which are deposited to their account.
Bounty Hunters can use their Bounty Tokens to purchase rewards from promoters or they can exchange their Bounty tokens for ICX, The ICON Network's native crypto token or fiat stable-coin currencies. Additional conversions will be continously added.
All Bounty token purchases, transactions and transfers are completed and logged using ICON's blockchain network in a secure, highly distributed and transparent fashion.
Promoters enjoy greater levels of customer engagement and satisfaction knowing their marketing budgets are delivering the greatest impact!

Bounty Cat's Competitive Pricing

According to Google a small buisness may spend, on average, as much as $2.00 per-click for digital advertisements.

Unfortunately, advertisement clicks like this rarely engage the customer at all and are subject to advertisement fraud and abuse.

For an advertisement campaign that recieves 1,000 clicks your minimum cost may be as much as $2,000.00 and there is no gurantee you even converted a customer at all!
Every engagement with a Bounty Cat promotion is a real customer conversion by nature.

Bounty Cat's highly customizeable promotions are designed to deliver maximum customer conversion rates while providing you the flexability to decide price and availability.

A comparable Bounty promotion through Bounty Cat that reaches 1,000 users directly and rewards each of them with $1.00 worth of BOUNTY tokens, would instead cost $1,060.00!
Bounty Cat's Fee structure is simple, easy to plan around and wickedly competitive.

Flat-Rate Promotion Activation
($10.00 USD)
This is the cost to activate a Bounty or Reward promotion in Bounty Cat. Don't worry though, you will be able to create and modify your promotions before you need to launch them!
Token Minting Fee
This fee is applied any time BOUNTY tokens are purchased through the Bounty Cat platform. Bounty tokens can be purchased in bulk, so you don't need to fund each promotion seperately.
Reward Redemption Commission
This commission is deducted from the earned BOUNTY tokens promoters receive for Reward promotion redemptions. Rewards are fully customizeable, though, so promoters can decide how many BOUNTY tokens their rewards cost to redeem.

That's it!

We don't charge per-click, per impression or charge hidden fees. You only pay for the reward redemptions that are claimed by Bounty Hunters. If for some reason not all of the bounties are claimed, the remaining BOUNTY tokens will be returned to you at the end of the promotion!
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